Giới thiệu về nhà tuyển dụng

Our mission is to empower adult learners with a well-rounded communication skill set for career advancement through our comprehensive English online learning platform. By utilizing a data-driven approach and scientific learning design on our advanced LMS platform, we aim to revolutionize the adult ELT market and offer the most effective and efficient means of learning English.

Our vision is to be the leader in innovative and effective learning solutions that meet the unique needs of adult learners in Vietnam. We aim to create an accessible and inclusive learning environment that fosters lifelong development for all. Our goal is to transform the way adult learners improve their English language skills and help them achieve their personal and professional aspirations.

About NATIVEX – The comprehensive online learning platform
NativeX Edtech’s primary offering, NativeX, is a comprehensive and unified learning platform designed to streamline the learning process. Built on advanced technology, the platform enables convenient access to a diverse range of learning content and study programs. Employing a scientific data-driven approach, NativeX is dedicated to providing an efficient and effective learning experience for adults who wish to learn English but may face time and geographical constraints to attend traditional offline classes.